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Airtel Android Data Plan: What you need to Know


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Are you using Android phone and you are looking for the best plan to subscribe to. You are at the right place has Airtel Android Data Plan makes life easy for android users. Some Android users are prone to using BB plan on their Android smartphone, this solution from Airtel is better off than what we ever heard.


Similar to the BB data plan, Airtel Android plan is exclusive for Android smartphones alone and you will use it for whatsapp, BBM, browsing, facebook among others.


Airtel Android Data Plan Price

With 2,000 you can get has much as 2GB and 2,500 with give you the 3GB (Night plan) while 4.5GG goes for 3,500.


Subscription code for Airtel Android Data Plan

If you are willing to subscribe for Airtel Android Data Plan, you have two options in going by this. The first is to dail *141*1# after which you will be presented with various plan option then you reply with 2, which is the Airtel Android Data Plan option. From the various plan that you will be presented with, you will then choose the plan that befit your choice and cash.


If you think the above is a long process, you can simply dial *437# for 2GB at the rate of  N2,000 for 30 days or *438# for 4.5GB at the rate of N3,500 for 30 days.


How to check Data Balance of Airtel Android Data Plan

You are free to monitor the data usage on your phone. By dialing *223# you will be presented with the status and balance of your data.

From my thought on Airtel Android Data Plan against the BBM Data Plan used on Android, I think it is better and less expensive  to go for the Android Data Plan.


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