Summer season is very much known for hot and humid weather. It is not only making difficulty to our daily life but also has effect on our food. Because of the hotness, our food especially vegetables loss their freshness to overcome this problem Science has made a wonderful invention known as refrigerator.

Refrigerator is one of the most essential home appliances. In this era of technology advancement refrigerator serves multipurpose function.

Refrigeration is the process of cooling an object to a set temperature, usually several degrees or more lower than the temperature of the room in which the refrigerator is situated.

it is a popular household appliance that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump (mechanical, electronic or chemical) that transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room.

Thanks to the innovation of refrigerator, improvements in storage time have allowed manufacturers, distributors and end users, such as cooks and anyone preparing meals at home, to think ahead. Now meals can be prepared in bulk and stored for later consumption or prepared in a location that is more profitable rather than on-site preparation at extra cost. Cooking family meals to be eaten later in the week is possible as well as mass producing ready meals to send out to supermarkets.

Refrigerators come in a range of styles and designs, and several types are available, the side by side refrigerator is one of the best types.


Side by side refrigerator was introduced in the late 1990s, and has experienced a surge in popularity to become the most popular refrigerator design on the market today. As manufacturers have perfected the design, French door models have become more reliable, and affordable for every home.


  • It is a stress-free refrigerator; it is centered at chest height, so everything in your fridge is at arm’s reach. You won’t need to strain your back bending over to get into your crisper drawers.
  • A French door refrigerator looks damn good in your kitchen, the fact that people are attracted to bold design, and it’s sleek industrial look that has taken over professional kitchens in the past decade.
  • Through-the-door ice and water dispensers are a staple in most modern side-by-side and French door model refrigerators  and there are a lot of shelves  foods items and other could be store .
  • Designed to keep food fresher for longer than a single, less efficient compressor, dual compressors mean each compartment, fridge and freezer, is operated by an independent refrigeration system, allowing for more precise control of temperature resulting in longer lasting food.
  • You could access drinks, condiments, and other often-used items without opening the main fresh-food compartment. This reduces the amount of cold air lost when the door is opened, therefore reducing the amount of energy it uses.
  • If manages space by cutting the clearance on your kitchen doors in half, it is a great way to improve mobility and make your kitchen feel larger. Many a tight floor plan has been saved by the low profile of half-width refrigerator doors – especially if you spring for the counter-depth configuration, which shrinks the depth of the fridge so it sits flush with your counters.


Refrigerators have long been thought of as the boxy, boring giant equipment in the kitchen. But times have changed, with manufacturers increasingly thinking outside of the box with the introduction of different types of refrigerator. However amidst the various type of refrigerator they have been able to come up with the best of them all “the side by side refrigerator” which can be purchase at Kara.com.ng, the best online shopping website in Nigeria. Kara.com.ng provides the best brand of side by side refrigerator at the best price in Nigeria with a fast delivery policy to any location in Nigeria.