A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage, it is a happy and memorable day for couple, family and friends. So wedding gift should be something that will be remembered for ages not some bunch of item wrapped to add value to something valueless.
It’s amazing how some newly wedded don’t even need to go back to work after their wedding because the numbers of plastic given to them is enough to open a plastic shop.
Think of what to buy and not how much to spend. And what type of friend attends his/her friend’s wedding empty handed?
There are a lot of item you can get a newly wedded couple, many young couple of today wants to start their family in a new environment, so why not gift them necessary home appliances.

Gift Items Brides Will Appreciate.

The Nigerian bride first assignment is to get her kitchen equipped with the best and essential appliances.
The kitchen is the most important office in a home and mostly managed by the wife, it where the food that satisfy the hungry tummy of the family are been prepared. A delicious and healthy meal comes out from the use of worthwhile kitchen utensils. Most women wants their kitchen well equipped cause, they believe your kitchen say more about you than any other places in the house.
The best surprise you could give a person is doing what is never expected of you and the best gift you can offer a new bride is gifting her what she really needed in her new home.

Top Six Gift To Buy For The Newly Wedded Couple.

Gas cooker is one of the essential needs in the kitchen, it is needed for easy and fast preparation of the family meal.
Refrigerator and Freezer also come in handy in every home set up, there is always need for food preservation and storage. By stocking the freezer with both fresh and frozen foods, such as fishes, meats chickens and more then there will be no need to worry about what to eat or drink when back from work tired
Washing machine is a modernized invention for washing and drying of laundry, such as clothing and sheets. It helps reduce the house workload and manage time.
Sandwich maker is an appliance used to heat, toast and seal a sandwich of two slices of bread and a filling.
Cooking set is kitchen utensil used in the kitchen for cooking.
Blender is an electric kitchen machine that is used to cut food and ice into very small pieces and to make soft foods (such as fruits) into a liquid.
There are wide ranges of kitchen appliances a bride will appreciate but just few are mentioned.
Well, of course a bachelor can’t have it all until there is a woman to manage them in the house, so now is the time, the wedding day when you can congratulate them and show them how happy you are for their union by gifting them with worthwhile gift items.

Where To Buy The Wedding Gifts At The Best Price In Nigeria.

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