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Mobile  Apps Every Smart Businessman In Nigeria Must Have

Indeed, technology has given birth to a whole new business generation . The business world today is very enjoyable and less stressful thanks to some newly developed apps. Basically, every sector today is being controlled and managed by the new improvement in technology.

Every business activities are being computerized, no business man carry a heavy laptop to a meeting all in the name of presentation, all needed is a smartphone or a tablet with the necessary apps on them.

The mobile apps have become assistants and tools for easy business activities. Since almost every smart devices today are packed with powerful processors and large storage, just all needed to enjoy a stress free work day.

Though mobile apps vary in number and not all app is necessary but there are some chosen apps that are not only necessary  but also important for every typical businessman, these includes;

Microsoft office

The Microsoft Office Mobile apps are productivity mobile apps developed by Microsoft for office use. It have the similar look and feel of Office with an intuitive touch experience designed for Android phones and tablets.

The preparation of business plans, projects, schedules, records, presentation, emails, and much more office e activities cannot be done without at least using a word processor or a spreadsheet. The Microsoft office provides basically every needed app for office presentation the core apps are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote and many more.

Google Drive

Thinking of a a place to  keep your files save and accessible at anytime, anywhere , well Google Drive is the safest app for the job. With  the use of Google Drive files can be kept and  reach from your smartphone, tablet, or computer  there will be no need for carrying a flash drive about. With the 15G free space for storage your files are in  the right and save place.

Drop box

Imagine having to Copy or transfer important files from your office PC to your laptop just because you are going for a presentation, don’t you think that can be tiring and time-consuming. But with the help of Dropbox, you can instantly sync files in multiple devices. Through Dropbox, whatever file you save in your office PC, you get to access it with your smartphone or tablet.

Likewise, Show your pictures and videos to your friends and family directly on your TV without connecting to cables. Drop box helps rid fear losing important files even if any of your devices get lost because every file , pictures , videos and more are safely kept and can be accessible at any time and place.


No need for your secretaries or assistants to follow you everywhere even personal meeting all in  the name of during her job,because this is exactly what Evernote can do. With Evernote you can save every important appointment, dates,even set remainder so nothing will be forgotten. It can also store bookmarks, texts, photos, notes, and even voice recordings in case you’re driving or too busy to type.

Everything you find on a typical business man going for a meeting is a smartphone or tablet, no need for a pen and a writing notebook because the Evernote app on the smartphone or tablet will do the job perfectly.

Quick Book  

Instead of having to manage multiple spreadsheets, download Quickbooks and all you accounting activities will become easy. The Quickbook App is an app that helps you manage and keep track of your finances effectively. You could use it to track your sales, send out invoices, post entries, send out invoices, track your expenses etc.

Quickbook apps it gives room for group work. Your app can be access by your employees and accountant while you maintain control over what information they can view/modify.

All the above written mobile app are important app every businessman should have on his tablet or smartphone  for smooth, enjoyable and modernize business activities. The world today is developing so is the technology world.


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