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3 Strong Reasons Why You should Buy an Acer Laptop


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There are many different laptop brands available in Nigeria—Apple, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Sony, Samsung, HP, Compaq, E-Machines, Zinox…and the list is almost endless.

Ordinarily, having many options to choose from should be an advantage, but the fact that there are too many options presents a problem in itself.

If you set out to buy a new laptop without having a specific brand in mind, you’ll be overwhelmed by the several options that will be offered to you in the market. And you’ll end up getting confused as to what choice to make.

Truth is, there is no perfect laptop brand. Each brand has its pros and cons. A brand with fast performance might goof in the aspect of battery. And a brand known for strong batteries might fall on the high side in terms of price. So, there’s really no “best” laptop brand—and that’s the truth.

As with laptops of any other brand, Acer laptops are not perfect. We admit that. But we believe going for an Acer laptop is one of the best decisions you can make when buying a laptop. This stand of ours is based on objective findings and reviews by customers who have bought the laptops from our store.

Now, here are reasons why you won’t go wrong by opting for an Acer laptop:

1. Acer laptops are cheap

Of course, price is one of the first factors you consider when buying any product. Although it’s just intuitive to go for cheap options, they are not necessarily good options.

However, Acer laptops are different–they come at budget prices, yet Acer doesn’t compromise on the quality and performance of its laptops. In fact, Acer laptops are more durable and tend to last longer than laptops by some other popular brands (we won’t mention names).

2. Acer laptops have great performance

Despite their low-end prices, Acer laptops rock in terms of performance. Whether you’re opting for the 14-inch Acer Timeline X or the 15-inch Acer Aspire or the portable 10.1-inch Aspire One D260, you’ll be impressed with the performance.

Acer laptops squeeze a lot of power into a compact frame and run on ultra-fast processors. So, they are absolutely suitable for any operation you might need them for.

In terms of performance, Acer laptops rank at par with other reputable brands like HP, Dell, and Compaq. If you’re familiar with and have been impressed by these other brands, then Acer too will impress you.

3. Acer laptops have readily available spare parts

No matter how long your laptop lasts, you’ll need to replace some of its parts at some point. For example, your battery should have reduced significantly in terms of power holding capacity after three to four years, so you will need to change it. Similarly, your power pack might get damaged by a power surge, just as your screen might break if your laptop slips offs your hand.

Whenever you need to replace any part of your Acer laptop, you can easily find the spare parts in most outlets where laptop accessories are sold. So, you won’t have to stop using your beloved Acer laptop just because you can’t replace the broken screen.

We don’t know what you’ve had in mind about Acer laptops before now, but we hold that Acer laptops make a good buy any day. And considering the reasons given above, you should look no further than an Acer product when next you have to buy a laptop.


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